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This section is designed to familiarize the user with the various functions and capabilities of the DSN and to provide the guidance required to use the DSN effectively. The information is presented in a logical order geared toward first-time users. As with any tutorial, navigation buttons are provided on each web page to guide the user through the information. Experienced users may randomly select topics from the links below or from the left menu bar.


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The DSN is provided as a primary non-secure means of communication between DoD Services, agencies, and components.

"The DSN system is used only for official business or in the interest of the government and is the first choice for all switched voice and dial-up video telecommunications between DoD user locations...

"DSN is the official DoD switched voice network and will be the preferred communications means for special C2, C2, and non-C2 user. It is the primary means of secure (STU-III/STE family) communications for non-tactical C2 users. DSN must be the user's first choice; however, if DSN is not immediately available, or if the called party does not have access to DSN service, other long-distance calling methods may be used."

-- CJCSI 6215.01C, Policy for DoD Voice Networks with Real Time Services
9 Nov. 2007