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GCDS NetStorage is a secure, DOD enterprise storage in the cloud solution that eases the burdens associated with storing static content and serving it to your users through your web application. NetStorage consists of multiple terabytes of storage capacity, geographical distribution/replication, and a massively scalable, well connected architecture. By using this fault-tolerant storage service, you can rest easy knowing that your rich media content (including electronic imagery, geospatial imagery, streaming media files, software and documents) is available to users on demand, anytime and anywhere. NetStorage allows for mission critical data to be accessible even at times when the customer’s web infrastructure is down for maintenance.

GCDS NetStorage can provide web hosting for static data that is served by your web application and immediate failover to a backup site


As a GCDS customer, you upload content securely to NetStorage. The uploaded content is automatically replicated across multiple geographically diverse NetStorage regions per platform. When an end user requests content from your application on GCDS, GCDS’ intelligent mapping technology directs the browser to the optimal GCDS edge server. If the content is in cache, the edge server simply returns the content to the browser. If the content requested is not in cache, the edge server will retrieve the content from an optimal NetStorage region, rather than reaching back to your web infrastructure.

NetStorage - How it Works


  • Availability of mission critical secure content
  • Automatic geographic replication of storage, including large files
  • Automatic failover to the cloud when your web infrastructure is unavailable
  • Fast and reliable delivery of high demand content
  • Ability to off-load surges in traffic