The Business Management Division (BMD), a division of the Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO), is responsible for providing the strategic planning, execution, management, and oversight for all of DSO’s business-related operations; such as budget development and execution analyses; business development; corporate-level management of contract proposals; corporate-level support agreements; facilities and logistics management; human capital management activities; administrative management; DSO Security.  These business efforts are in direct support of the entire DSO organization efforts to support the long-term spectrum strategies to support the Department of Defense and to maximize the global spectrum access for COCOM Warfighters.


Human Resources Branch 

The Human Resources Branch manages all aspects of the DSO’s military and civilian personnel and manpower programs. The branch provides quality Human Resources support to the Director, Divisions, and Branches through management of DSO’s resources and execution of unique projects, as necessary, to fulfill the DSO mission and overall support of the Warfighter.

  • Initiates, coordinates, and implements policies and procedures related to DSO Human Capital management activities to include management of the JTD, payroll activities (ATTAPS), and management of workforce strategies.
  • Manages programs, policies, and procedures to recruit and retain workforce, recognize high performers, improve training of employees, and balance workforce due to changing mission requirements.
  • Communicates with managers, and supervisors to plan, develop, and implement workforce strategies.

Contracts Support Management Branch

The Contracts Support Management Branch is responsible for providing the contract management oversight and managing the DSO corporate-level contract proposals for over 450 contract actions per year. 


  • Contracts Management
  • Provide Contracting Officer Representative Training
  • Monitor contract utilization and execution
  • Review and manage contract evaluation input
  • Manage Award Fee Board process and documentation
  • Interface with DITCO Contracting Officers
  • Support Agreement Representatives responsible processing 1144s, MOUs, MOAs, ISSAs, and DISA Internal Service Level Agreements

Security Management and Property Program

The Security Manager is responsible for the entire DSO (Annapolis-facility) supporting the physical, industrial, information, and personnel security support to over 200 personnel.  The Property Program Officer is responsible for managing over 15,000 pieces of property. 


  • Manages physical, industrial, information, and personnel security programs
  • Manages Anti Terrorism/ Force Protection and Counter-Intelligence programs
  • Manages Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)
  • Process visit requests and in / out processing
  • Provides classified material management / support
  • Manages access and key control programs
  • Provides foreign travel advisory briefings
  • Provides security training to entire workforce (government and contractor)
  • Provides property accountability of over 15,000 pieces of equipment to include GFE property.