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What’s New in JCSS v16.0

JCSS v16.0 is based on OPNET Modeler 18.5.0 PL0 and includes many new models and GUI enhancements in this build. Please refer to the Modeler documentation for more information on the 18.5.0 enhancements.

  • Anw2 and JTRS models (SRW, WNW, and TTNT) can now able to be installed in a single instance of JCSS and can operate within the same scenario.
  • New Application Traffic models have been added to JCSS v16.0.These models were developed by building standard application profiles in JCSS, based off of network captures of typical use cases for social media, video streaming, music streaming, online shopping, and navigational applications. The models were tuned to reflect network captures of these applications. Listed below are the types of applications included in JCSS v16.0 and the description of the activity being reflected for each.

          a. Social Media: Login to Facebook, browse recent updates, watch a video.

          b. Video Streaming: Stream video and music from YouTube

          c. Music Streaming: Listen to background music with Pandora

          d. Online Shopping: Login to Amazon, put item in cart, browse related items

          e. Navigational: Plan a trip in google maps. Extensive use of map scrolling

Please refer to the “Application Model User Guide” included in the with the JCSS v16.0 documentation for more details.

  • Cyber Model Enhancements updates to our current Cyber Effect models. New DDoS models have been included in JCSS v16.0 along with new Intrusion Detection models. These models simulate DDoS Attacked, remedy action taken to counter act Cyber-attacks and allow for custom detection of an attack vector.

          f. DNS Amplification

          g. TCP/SYN Flood

          h. HTTP Flood

          i. UDP Flood

          j. Wizard to help users define and deploy Services and DDoS attack profiles

          k. Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

  • The Antenna Editor is now available in JCSS v16.0. User will be able to build and model various antenna patterns and implement them in their JCSS scenarios. This feature does require a Riverbed Modeler license.
    • Enhancement Bandwidth Efficient MODEM (EBEM) Model: EBEM provides a full range of modulations capabilities, including:
  •           l. Binary Shift Keying (BPSK)

              m. Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (OQPSK)

              n. 8-ary PHASE Shift Keying (8PSK)

              o. 16-ary Amplitude Phase Shift Keying (16-APSK)