DoD Mobility Program

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Defense Enterprise Mobility – Leading the DOD Mobile Workforce Evolution

DISA is leading the Department of Defense (DOD) efforts to create a highly mobile DOD workforce equipped with secure access to enterprise capabilities anywhere, at any time, for greater mission effectiveness. DOD Mission Partners are now empowered with the latest commercial smartphones, tablets, and mobile applications and demand it as a necessity for increased productivity.

As a priority for the Agency, DOD Mobility provides enterprise-level classified and unclassified mobile communication services that ensure interoperability, increased security, access to information and reliable service to the mobile workforce.

These service offerings are composed of secure networking and gateway infrastructure that provides and extends enterprise services (such as, email, voice, video) to mobile devices; an enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that provides application layer confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity; and an enterprise Mobile Application Storefront (MAS) that hosts mobile applications. 

Mobility is a key component to evolving the Joint Information Environment (JIE) and will enable an agile deployment environment for new and innovative applications to support Mission Partner and warfighter requirements.

From today and beyond, as mobile technology matures, DISA will leverage integration to further advance DOD mobile application capabilities to provide predictive, productivity enhancements to the mobile workforce. Through a mobile workforce evolution, they will move from traditional personal information management (PIM) [email, contacts, calendars] for the knowledge workers to a “mobile first” initiative where new business processes and applications are created with mobility as a primary use case.