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DISA Europe provides, operates, maintains and defends to assure DoDIN Enterprise Solutions and capabilities while executing unified command and control throughout the full spectrum of operations supporting, EUCOM, AFRICOM and other mission partners.


Be the preferred enterprise solution provider enabling full spectrum operations via the DODIN.


  1. Delivering of enterprise capabilities
  2.   Fielding the Joint Enterprise Network
  3. Supporting current and future operations
  4. Enabling operational effectiveness
  5. Enforcing information assurance
  6.   New contract (GSM)
  7.   Appropriately aligning resources
  8. Developing a regional cyber construct
  9.   Improving quality of life
  10. Fostering a culture of safety


  • Support & Synchronize Agency Capabilities across the Full Range of Operations
  • Operate & Defend the DISA Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Transform and Advocate for DISA Network Operations (NetOps)
  • Achieve Full Operational Capability (FOC) for the DISA Command Center (DCC) and Formalize Support to US Cyber Command
  • Support & Improve DISA NetOps Centers
  • Operationalize DoD Gateways and Sustain Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) Capabilities
  • Improve/Exercise Continuity of Operations and Crisis-Action Planning/Execution
  • Optimize Mission-Partner Engagement to the Combatant Commands
  • Optimize Support to the Joint Staff and National Military Command Center
  • Execute Enterprise Information Assurance (IA) & Transform DISA Net-Defense Capabilities
  • Transform Quality Assurance & Performance Management Programs
  • Professionalize the Workforce & Improve Quality of Life
  • Provide Governance & Process Management
  • Provide Fiscal Stewardship
  • Transition NCR Workforce from Arlington, VA to Ft. Meade, MD with Transparency to the Field Units


As a forward deployed element of the Defense Information Systems Agency in Washington, D.C., DISA Europe is a vital combat support element to the forward deployed commander of the United States European Command (USEUCOM). DISA Europe is based on foreign soil and is the single voice of DISA in theater. DISA Europe manages the European portion of the DODIN, provides information systems and services to operational components throughout NATO and supports U.S. interests in more than 100 countries in Europe, Africa, the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East. The mission areas outlined on this site provide a framework to identify DISA Europe resources or to learn more about our capabilities.

Plans and Programs Integration Division (EU2)
  • Provides liaisons to DISA Europe customers
  • Provides deliberate, operations and Cyber planning integration support
  • Leads command strategic planning initiatives
  • Leads Exercise Planning
  • Provides UK Support Element
  • Leads Strategic Engagements

Operations Division (EU3)

  • Operate the GIG: Ensure theater Combatant Commanders and deployed war fighters receive C2 and DISN services through network management, fault isolation, IA, and status reporting.
  • Provide SATCOM to the GIG: Provide direction and management of SATCOM services and resources, terminal programs, and projects; Performs theater C4I CONEX support; Maintain SA on frequency and spectrum management issues.
  • Evaluate GIG Facilities: Ensure GIG facilities are operating at peak performance; Provide technical assistance to GIG stations to analyze and identify operational communication and power issues.
  • Defend the GIG: Provide world class IA-CND data monitoring, reporting, intrusion detection, trend analysis, and Intel Support to CND for customer networks.

Communications Support Division (EU5)

Provides assured voice, video, collaboration, e-mail, messaging, C2, and coalition enterprise services to USEUCOM, USAFRICOM, USCENTCOM, components and supporting agencies in a way that enables our customers to achieve information dominance.

Transport Network Services Division (EU7)

  • Service Delivery – Plans, engineers and executes technical solutions to meet mission partner requirements for the full spectrum of GIG access and service to include leasing actions with commercial vendors to major site installations/activations.
  • Sustainment of the Transport/IP network for Europe, Southwest Asia and Africa to include Operations Engineering, Performance Management, Network Management Security and Access, Problem Management (Tier II), Configuration Management, and Capacity Management.

NATO Field Office

  • Ensures U.S. interests are considered in all NATO planning and design efforts to facilitate U.S. and NATO C4ISR interoperability.